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Pergolas and Arbors

Stunning Outdoor Features to Suit Your Sugar Land Back Yard

Pergolas and Arbors are specialitues of Sugar Land Deck contractors and making stunning additions to any back yard. Our professional builders will customize your pergola to perfectly suit your current outdoor space or, to build along your new deck! Pergola’s can make your outdoor deck space transform to give the feeling of living in your very own unique outdoor room. Pergolas are perfect for outdoor drinks and dining experiences. Our Sugar Land deck builders will build your pergola to your exact specifications or, take your ideas and bring them to life. Pergolas can truly elevate your Sugar Land home.

Similarly, Sugar Land Deck builders are happy to build an arbour, or series of arbours for your Sugar Land backyard. Often Pergolas are confused with arbours, however, an arbour is regarded as wooden bench seating with a roof. Often enclosed with lattice panels which form a framework for climbing plants. Arbours can offer a wonderful feature or highlight perfect for casual social situations.

Sugar Deck builders are your #1 choice for Pergolas and Arbors for Sugar Land and the surrounding area including Rosenberg, Richmond, Missouri City, Meadows Place, Greatwood, Mission Bend, Fresno!

Sugar Land Pergola and Arbour
Sugar Land Pergolas & Arbors

Pergolas & Arbors: Q and A

Q – What is the difference between a pergola and arbors?

A – Horizontal beams and vertical posts make up pergolas. Often these are connected to form a tunnel over a pathway whereas an arbour would often be made with latticework or trellis and often create an archway..

Q – What do pergolas cost?

A – The average cost of pergolas varies greatly depending on the size, materials used and intricacies. We can build them for as low as 2500 but it’s easy to go above 6000 when building Pergolas.

Q – Do Pergolas add home value?

A – Yes, Pergolas add home value. You can expect a 50-80% return on investment.