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Outdoor patios for your Sugar Land backyard

Sugar Land Deck contractors are the number 1 professionals for building your outdoor patios.

We do both residential and commercial patios servicing Sugar Land and surrounding areas.

Patios are a fantastic option if you are looking for alternatives to backyard seating. The biggest difference compared to decks is that patios lay directly on the ground. It’s important to consider general landscaping in the desired area as levelling dirt and soil can add time and money to an outdoor patio project. This consideration should not be overlooked when making your decision.

Perhaps the largest benefit to patios is that they are often a fraction of the price of decking options.

Sugar Land patios
Sugar Land Patios

Patio Materials

When it comes to backyard patios there are many options. They include Concrete, brick, flagstone, pavers, tile, or cut stone. Concrete is a tried and tested patio surface. It offers excellent durability and you can get creative with it’s finish by adding several types of finishes. For example, stamped, brushed, scored, coloured or tinted, decorated with inlay or patterned.

Brick is another option. It is sturdy and lasts a long time. It offers a classic look that goes with many landscapes and architectural styles. Brick is also an excellent option for walkways walls and edging.

Flagstone is becoming more and more popular offering a different look for your backyard. It’s often available in many different colours, depending on the quarry and area i which you live. Flagstones are large, flat slabs of stone usually 1-3 inches thick and are identifiable by their irregular shape. Flagstone offers slight texture and therefore provides good traction when wet.

Sugar Land Patio
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Q & A

Q – What is the difference between a patio and a deck?

A – There are two main differences between a patio and a deck. Decks are built above ground and patios are built on the ground. Decks are most often built using wood or composite material and patios are most often built using concrete or brick.

Q – What type of patio is cheapest?

A – Concrete is probably the cheapest patio building material.