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Deck Repair and Maintenance

Deck Repair

Sugar Land deck Builders are happy to offer deck repair and maintenance to deck owning Sugar Land homeowners. While all decks are subject to the elements and passing time, your wood deck will need consistent maintenance in order to extend its life as long as possible. Composite decking is more robust and less susceptible to the elements, but they may need some occasional upkeep. Wood decking on the other hand should be coated once every 2-3 seasons. Make sure to keep an eye out for rotting boards and sinking support posts. You don’t want to put extra strain on your Deck! Sugar Land Deck builders can help you choose the right stain for your taste and also help you understand the pros and cons of different brands and mixes.

We take deck repair and maintenance seriously.

Sugar Land deck contractors are also more than happy to discuss deck additions! We can turn your single level deck into a multi-level deck or simply extend what’s already there. If your looking to add some more feature elements to your Sugar Land homes deck then we can help you there as well. We love bringing unique custom elements to your deck! Sun covers, pergolas or arbors! We are happy to work with what you have and match our work to what’s already there. Sugar Deck builders are the perfect choice to give your current deck a facelift!

Sugar Land Deck Repair
Sugar Land Deck Repair

Regulairly Inspect Your Deck

Here are some tips for inspecting your Sugar Land deck. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure to check the wood where the ledger board touches the side of your house and the board that contacts the ground from your last stairs. Secondly, make sure to wiggle and put weight against railings to see if they have tight connections or are coming lose. Third, check for raised or exposed nails, pry them up and then replace them with wood screws. Fourth, check for holes and fill them with exterior wood filler. Fifth, inspect and replace hardware that appears rusted.

Replace Damaged Boards

Following are some tips for removing and replacing damaged boards. First, use a claw hammer to remove old boards. Second, replace the board. If you need to stain the board to match the existing deck make sure to do that first. Be aware the new board will stick out against the weathered existing boards.

Chech THIS great Home Depot resource for more information regarding deck repair and maintenance.